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The 2 treble hooks are Eagle Claw 4X strong, size 4, you may also choose to use a 5/0 live bait hook with a treble as the stinger. For this illustration we have used two treble hooks. I usually use 60 to 90lb wire leader.

I first start with the one treble creating a Haywire twist, this is very effective for tying wire leader and looks a lot better than sleeves.


The completed haywire for the primary treble hook.


Now you want to tie the second treble the stinger. To determine how far apart the hooks should be from each other should be based off of the size of bait you will be using. When using Blue runners, I would recommend 5 to 8 inches.



The finished product!


Sorry that the picture sweren't all that clear, I am working on getting a better camera. If you have questions just post it in the forum.








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Guide to Florida Pier and Bridge Fishing (Anderson, Robert. Guide to Florida Wildlife and Nature.)


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