Coastal Power Series Reels


Are you looking for a new saltwater reel that will give you the performance you need at a price you can afford? We have the answer, the new Coastal Power Series from Pinnacle. The Coastal Series Reels come in three different sizes to match the type of saltwater gamefish you are chasing. All three reels have a metal body and rotor to give them the toughness they need to take on the harsh saltwater. With that being said the four anti-corrosion bearings also are made to stand up to the rigors of saltwater angling. This reel is extremely smooth and very sensitive when it comes to feeling fish or structure. The new Coastal Series Reels also offer a Super-Stop Anti-Reverse System, and a super 10 drag system.

We have battled everything from trout to sharks on these new reels and have been very satisfied with the drag and the overall power the reel posses. The spool is double anodized for extreme conditions and the reel also features strong DuaCut Brass gears. These reels were made to handle everything the saltwater world has to offer and are backed by Pinnacle’s performance guarantee.

The three models are as follows:

  • CP-50
  • CP-60
  • CP-70

The CP-50 is the smallest of the series and is great for snook, reds, snapper and trout. It is able to hold 235yrds of line and is geared at 5.2:1 making it ideal for any saltwater angler. The CP-60 is the backbone of the group and is able to reach a broad spectrum of species making it ideal for the angler who needs a reel to cover many different fishing styles. The CP-60 has the ability to hold 310yrds.of line. The CP-70 is the workhorse of the group, an ideal reel for big grouper and fish that have superior strength. The CP-70 is able to hold 355yrds. of line. So if it is time for you to gear up with some new reels take a look at the Pinnacle Coastal Power Series. These reels range from $69.99 to $77.99 and are currently in stock! So pick one up today and feel the Pinnacle difference!

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Coastal Power Series Reels