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Pier FishingWelcome to Pier fishing guide. I have been pier fishing 10 years or more and I can personally say if you don't have a boat; it is the next best thing. There are many benefits to pier fishing, as we all know there are also major set backs as there is to everything in life.

There are many tricks and techniques that can be used while pier fishing. I have created the pier fishing guide to show other anglers, some of the best rigs, tips and techniques.Online futures trading platform

I have found that the Skyway fishing piers in St. Petersburg FL, in my opinion is one of the best fishing piers in Florida. Located in central Florida, fishing in the Tampa Bay with the recent artificial reef development has made the fishing boom, fishing the mouth of the Tampa Bay gives you the opportunity to catch a large variety of fish, a few for example: grouper, mackerel, snook, tarpon, jacks, cobia, sharks of many species etc...

Pier fisherman have many advantages the boaters don't have, we are usually up quite high, so with the proper polarized glasses you can see fish from great distances, there is not an opportunity to get sea sick and we don't have to spend 200 hundred dollars in gas chasing bait because the majority of the time it is right under us.Online futures trading platform in Hong Kong

The key to pier fishing is location, you have to know where the artificial reefs are or if there are any at all, If not you should probably try and target piers that have some sort of reef structure, structure holds fish. There are things that you can try, if there is potential for the pier to be a good fishing pier, than you can create your own mini artificial reefs and mark where you put them and in a couple of weeks there should be fish housing the structure.

Things to look for when looking for good fishing potential area, is water flow, bait and structure. With these three things you can't go wrong. Make sure whatever you use for your artificial reef that it does not hurt the environment, I would usually use some form of brick design, with actual tree limbs or something in that nature.

Also if interested please check out Fishing the Surf and my Pier fishing blog for updated fishing reports!

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